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TMG Direct Medical Care Plan

This is very simple and transparent. You don’t need health insurance; it’s just you and your doctor.

We offer two approaches:

  • $95 per month/one year contract, covers 1 office visits per month and basic labs or diagnostic procedures are at a great discount.  No narcotic patients visit, only for sick visit.



  • Single appointments for a ‘physical’ cost between $180 to $200 for a new patient and existing patient cost between $80 to $120 for subsequent visits. Lab charges are extra, but typically will cost $10 – $300, depending on what tests are obtained. 


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The value of having a solid internal medicine, primary care physician is critical. Now, you have someone to lean on, to guide you towards achieving optimal health, to respond promptly to your health needs, to assist you to navigate the health care system and find the right specialists or obtain the right testing.

With insurance, costs are hidden; for example, the charge for an MRI is typically $3000, whatever insurance doesn’t pay, is your responsibility.

With TMG Direct Medical Care, also known as concierge medical care, the cash cost for an MRI is $500. This pattern of cash discount is seen throughout the health care system. The cash cost for everything from imaging studies to surgeries, and even hospitalizations is a fraction of the charges submitted when insurance is applied.

You say, “OK”, but what about the mandate that the government ‘requires’ you to buy health insurance? Or you will get a tax penalty?

It turns out that the average penalty will be the greater amount of either $ 95 or 1% of the difference between one’s annual income and the national average ‘bronze premium’, which comes to $10,150. As an example, if one made $40,000 for the year, the penalty would be 1% of $29,850 ($40,000 –$10,150=$ 29,850). This comes to $298.50.

And to avoid the penalty, you pay $10,150 for the bronze premium plan. But, what do you get for that premium? It turns out, this plan has a $6,600 annual deductible and charges are covered at 60/40, meaning the insurance pays 60% of the bill and you pay the other 40%. So, in that above example, right off the bat, if you don’t even see a doctor, you will be paying nearly $10,000 more than the penalty, if you had no insurance. And, if you do see a doctor, you will be paying much more, given the fact that 40% of the bill will be paid by you, and this continues up to a maximum of $6,600.

Although the threat is that the penalty will increase to 2%, which will be assessed by April 2016 for the previous year, the odds are that the national bronze premium will also increase. Furthermore, it is a sure bet that fewer doctors will even accept that plan, knowing that they have to collect 40% of the bill from the patients themselves.

Insurance companies are profitable, because they know that the odds of going to the hospital for the average healthy person is a fraction of 1%, so, it pretty unusual. Furthermore, there is a myth that people without health insurance often go bankrupt when faced with a major medical bill. The truth is that although medical bankruptcies are relatively common, the vast majority occur in patients who HAVE health insurance; that’s because of the excessive bills and unpaid amounts that insurance coverage doesn’t allow. So, it appears that health insurance is fast becoming a hollow benefit.

Consider TMG DIRECT MEDICAL CARE.  It makes a lot of sense.

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